Monday, May 12, 2014

Citizen of the Capital - The Dream Catchers


Guest blogger: Lena Boyd- Head of TDC’s Photography Team


The Dream Catchers are proud to bring you ‘Citizen of the Capital,’ an on-going project geared to get the Ottawa community more engaged with one another.  Our goal with this new segment is emphasize that everyone contributes in their own way to turn a city into a community.  Whether it is your local barista, mail man, colleague or a new face, our aim is to document and capture what Ottawa has to offer through the story of our citizens.

Right from the beginning we saw the positive impact that it had, as we experienced firsthand what it was like to become more involved and a part of our community through this project.  As the Dream Catchers started to grow and gain momentum, so did our Citizen of the Capital segment.  Originally it was done by each executive member of TDC but now we are beyond excited to announce that we have a photography team of 10+ members.

Here are a few examples of profiles we have done!

We asked: “What contributes to a strong and successful community?”

“I think that respect and integrity are key.  But respect among the people of different cultures and communities contributes towards a successful community.

We asked: “Tell us about a time when someone has done something for you that you feel you can never repay them for.”

“I want to say thank-you to my dad and my mum for teaching me how to be so polite, always saying please and thank-you.  That has always taken me far in life, just small things.  Everyone should do the same and I won’t be able to repay my parents for that but hopefully I can pay it forward with other people.”  

In this day and age, as young adults, TDC members are aware of what technology can do not only for us but to us.  With smart phones and tablets many of us are plugged into this online world 24/7.  We have the ability to connect to anyone at anytime and as this may open doors for new possibilities, if not used correctly, it immediately closes the doors to community right in front of us.

Through this project TDC encourages you to unplug and to use that time to get more involved in your community. 

“How to Build Community,” by Karen Kerney


Get to know your neighbours                                      Greet people
                                    Use your library                                              Organize a block party
Leave your house                                            Sit on your stoop

Check out Ottawa’s events pages to learn more about different events going on in the city!

As head of the photography team, my job is to oversee the profiles for Citizen of the Capital.  TDC’s photography team of 10+ photographers hit the streets of Ottawa, Monday- Friday to have consistent profiles up on our website.  So, get out there and get involved.  Check out our website to see previous Citizen of the Capital posts and keep an eye out for future ones to come.  Who knows, we may be sharing your story next!