Monday, April 7, 2014

Almost done... sort of

It's incredible to look back five, ten, or god forbid... fifteen years ago.

  • Hell, fifteen years ago I was seventeen years old, in grade eleven and naive/arrogant as all hell.
  • Ten years ago I would have been only a few months away from getting married to my wonderful, intelligent, and beautiful wife.
  • Five years ago I would have been debating coming back to school, and hating my job at Swiss Chalet (sorry fellow Swiss Chalet-ites).

It certainly has been an incredible journey.

Now, only three exams away from completing my undergrad, it is a somewhat bittersweet feeling. For one, I can't fail any of my last few courses; and two, I can't lose my current average - somewhat a load off my shoulders, but probably not the best motivator; however, it has allowed me the opportunity to focus on other passions (e.g. writing this blog and going full tilt on softball).

With an acceptance into the Masters program here at uOttawa, I am excited for the opportunity to further my education. It doesn't hurt that my wife's new job here gets free tuition either! Although, I would love to get back out there into the "world" and work. I love the education here at university, and I love the experience, but I feel I can learn so much more doing, rather than listening.

I feel like I don't go to half my classes anymore and simply teach myself - autodidact they call it (a self-taught person). I am not saying there isn't a place for formal education, but the empty vessel model, as my sociology professors called it, just doesn't suit me well.

To each their own I guess.

Well, in a few short hours I will be two exams closer to being done and finally being smart (cause obviously I know nothing until the moment I receive my degree.... AND THEN I KNOW EVERYTHING.... )

And to all those who have made this experience what it has been, thank you... sincerely!

To my family, you are my blessing, my joy, and my motivation... words cannot express to you what you mean to me!