Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"I'm selfie-ing in the rain!"

Wicked pouring rain walk to school this morning!

Honestly, children are one of the most amazing things out there. They are sweet, innocent, amazingly insightful, and forgive with a depth no adult could comprehend anymore.

If we take a second and truly listen to them... I tell you, the things we can learn.

Children are phenomenally inspiring!

Just to be clear, the above picture is not to be mistaken with this:

This is a special tribute to my awesome wife. She says it's a terrible song, yet quotes it non-stop, and turns it up every time it comes on.

#guiltypleasure ???

To everyone else, I apologize for the song :P

A few weeks back some of you may have followed our quest to not only #unplugandplay , but to do it for the entire day for all seven days. Unfortunately, we did not do it for all seven, but we did for five and the other two days we limited screen time to under two hours. I'll probably make this the topic of an entry down the road, but for now I'd like to focus on how children, my daughter particularly in this case, inspire me daily! She pushed us to turn off all our devices, scolded us when we would absentmindedly pull out our phones to play Candy Crush (/cough Meghan /cough), and even suggested that we should continue to #unplugandplay on Mondays and Fridays (at the very least). This also inspired us to start a new form of reward, inspired by Dale. She suggested we use a system that rewards with books, rather than with the conventional money, treats, etc...

Recently, Dr. Kwame from Move Theory (I plan to talk about him more down the road, an amazing individual), posted an article:

Do we want to teach our children that the magic of life is something
that comes beautifully gift-wrapped - Or, that magic is something
you discover on your own?
A culture of "being the best  better parent" has become pervasive. As the article says, 

"We just feel compelled to prove it through ridiculously expensive themed birthday parties that have do-it-yourself cupcake stations with 18 types of toppings and over-the-top gifts."

Now, before anyone starts becoming defensive, or being turned off by what I'm saying - listen. I am not fingering wagging at anyone... and if I were, I'd have to point it right at myself, as I have been just as guilty at times.

We don't need to do anything to create a magical world for our children...

Their world IS magical.

Not because of our parenting...

Not because of the toys or gadgets we buy them...

Not because we are the most active or out going family (although, this is awesome!)...

Their entire world is unfolding right in front of their eyes - every moment - of every day. I would give anything to go back to a time when things were new, and every experience was magical. So, what does this all mean.

Let's take a second... hell, take a whole lot of seconds, and listen to our children. Let them create their own play and be guided by their whimsical nature. If anything, WE should be guided by them.

Monkeys unite!

This is what my daughter has taught me just in the last few days alone:

  • Monkey selfies are the best selfies!
  • Who cares if it's raining, and early (and I'm tired :P) - it's raining outside... WHICH IS AWESOME!
    • ... so let's still walk to school.
  • Doesn't matter how upset you are, 99% of the time it isn't remotely as bad in reality as you feel. Forgive, hug, and move on.
  • Love unconditionally!
  • To be carefree (note: this doesn't mean irresponsible).
  • To trust completely and utterly.
  • Love your imagination and use it to its full potential every minute of every day.
  • Tomorrow... what's that?
  • Monkey selfies are the best selfies!
This has become a favorite pose of hers. I call it monkey-chic

Love your kids, or others' (unless you are in the grocery store... do not love the child wandering the isles), listen to them, learn from them, and then love them some more!