Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Dream Catchers - Dare to Dream

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I have had the great pleasure to work with one of the founding members, Osman Naqvi, at the Boys and Girls Club in Ottawa at the Britannia location. He is a dedicated, hard working, and philanthropic individual that will certainly do a great many things. Further, I also had the opportunity to work with Kevin Nguyen, another one of their members, also at the Boys and Girls Club. In the last bit I have also begun to converse with some of their other members, such as Lena Boyd. I hope that I will continue to work with these ambitious and inspirational young adults as they move forward in the world. Keep a close eye for these go-getters, they will do great things!

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So, who are The Dream Catchers?

The Dream Catchers (TDC), is a Not For Profit founded by two university students, Osman Naqvi and Moses Otim. Enlisting the help of a few of their friends, this organization has grown to include 8 more executive members; Nicole D├ędier as Chair of Marketing, Sumeet Dubb as the Chair of the Steering Committee, Neetika Chopra as Director of Administrative, Kevin Nguyen as Director of Promotions, Jevaughn Newman as the Treasurer, Jaipaul Dubb as Volunteer Director, Pieter Oliver as Director of Outreach, and Lena Boyd as Director of the Citizens of the Capital Committee. With the combined efforts of these individuals, as well as many loyal supporters and volunteers, their dreams are in action. 

The Dream Catchers was initiated to accomplish a simple goal; to help youth in Ottawa accomplish their dreams. To do this, TDC has adopted a multifaceted approach, the first of which is to ensure all youth are equal in having their basic needs met. This is why TDC runs their unique clothing drive called Wardrobe on Wheels and canned food drives throughout the year. Creativity and self-expression is just as important to a child’s development, thus TDC also runs more inspired initiatives, such as the Halloween Costume Drive; both efforts unique to the Dream Catchers, and to wrap up each year is a toy drive during holiday time in December.

The Dream Catchers has many ambitious aims; which also includes fostering a more pronounced sense of community in the Ottawa area. The Citizens of the Capital, a sub-organization of TDC, aspires to “put the unity in community.” Our photographers, under the direction of Lena Boyd, take snapshots of individuals from all walks of life, all around the city. Usually captioned by a quote from the individual, their profiles -which are posted on the website and social media pages- create a sense of familiarity and openness. They help attach the label of ‘friends’ to people who would otherwise be considered strangers.