Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Attention All Ball Players: Fantastic Video On Creating A Consistent And Confident Routine In The Batter's Box

A great video that touches on many of the important aspects for a batter to be wary of, and do to be properly prepared. Ball is not a particularly fast paced sport, especially when you compare it to the likes of something like basketball, but requires significant mental readiness and toughness.

Although there may be nine players to a side, when you are up to bat it's just you and the pitcher. Yes, being mindful of where the fielders are playing, the catcher, the umpire's tendencies to call certain pitches, etc etc... are all important, but the very act of hitting come down to you against one other person - and they throw that ball fast!

You have the ability to make a choice - swing or don't swing. 

You have the ability to make a choice - portray confidence or timidness

To stay focused or not...

And finally, and perhaps most important of all - patience. To be patient for the right pitch, and to be patient to get a hit. Hitting three out of every ten at bats is considered a VERY good average. But, if you ever got 30% on a test, you probably weren't very happy (neither were your parents or teacher :P). It is this mental side of the game that is very important.

Beyond that, comes the specific aspects, as shown in the video.