Thursday, May 1, 2014

Seven Step Guide To Windmill Pitching - Want To Learn Or Improve Your Game?

Although I'm not particularly a fan of swinging the arm back at the start of the delivery, as it requires a significant amount of extra energy without an equal amount of added power generation and can tip off the opposing team to the incoming pitching, the rest of the video is quite good.

By all means, feel free to add your input, make suggestions, and question certain aspects. 

Keep in mind, this is a general guideline and is focused more for beginners. Always work within a pitcher's natural movement (unless there are serious issues with their delivery). Forcing a pitcher into a strict mold will not allow them to develop on their own, and has a good chance of reducing their

As well, you always want your pitcher to be challenged. That is, whatever guidelines and goals you set, they should attain a ~80% success rate. What that means is if they are at step 1 and hitting their target 100% of the time, try moving them on to step 2 or have them throw from farther away. Tweak various aspects to challenge them, and remember to keep things fun.