Friday, April 11, 2014

Stittsville Minor Softball Pitching Clinic

Left to Right: Kolin & Kampbell Pristanski, Juliana & Fred
Barbieri, and Paige & Mark Galbraith
Here are three sets of our younger pitchers after working long and hard over the course of the session.

For the last six weeks 20 of our finest young pitchers and their parents have been dragging themselves out to South Carleton High School to work on their pitching.

We have had world class and local pitchers, both young and old helping developing these young rising stars. Pitchers like Neil Cooke, Duane Bromley, and Dale Aiken. As well, both myself and our other facilitator Al Read have been working tirelessly with these extremely hard working super stars.
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Our goal at the SMSA was to provide an extremely affordable clinic, that also provides the pitchers an opportunity to spend a significant amount of time over the few months leading up to the ball season warming up, and preparing their bodies for the ball season.

Additionally, we have designed an E-manual covering all the aspects of the pitching mechanics that we were working on, which will allow these kids to work on all the important aspects even when we are no longer working with them one-on-one.

The end of the pitching clinic is unfortunately fast approaching. I know I will personally miss all of these fantastic youths and their equally committed parents. Hopefully we will see them be part of the SMSA for many years to come.