Monday, April 7, 2014

Softball Ontario Comes Through With The Win!

In my efforts to give our coaches the best possible training for the upcoming Fun League Coach Training I am facilitating, I have been reaching out to various organizations affiliated with either softball or coaching. Of these, I talked to Steph Sutton at Softball Ontario (SO). Ever since the Annual Coaches Association of Ontario conference in Kingston a few months back, Steph has been a great help in answering any question I may have had personally, or for the SMSA.

Unfortunately, April is a ridiculously crazy time for softball players, coaches, and associations alike getting ready for the season. As such, no one from SO could come down personally, but Steph said she would see if she could scrounge up a few things to send my way to help us out.

Those emails between Steph and I happened late last week.

I was out all day, but when I got home today there was a box on my door step. Now, you have to understand, I hadn't eaten in quite a while and was VERY hungry. So, when I saw the side of said box, which said "Montana Grilling Gear," my mouth began to water... I was STARVING! It didn't help that I was going to take a 25-30 minute walk (each way) to pick-up my daughter. Regardless, I opened up the package while Meghan (my wife, in case I haven't mentioned her name) let our dog (Brandy) out.

And when I looked inside, this is what I saw.......

*Cue heavenly sounds, as the pearly gates open!*

This was inside.... but, this is what I saw....

And my face did this...

There is a tremendous amount of support in the softball community across the country. So to Softball Ontario, and Steph, thank you very much! Our coaches will make full use of these, as will I.

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